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Drake x XXL Magazine Cover Story Excerpt x Photos

What are your thoughts on this cover?

It’s great to me. I’ve never done XXL, so it’s exciting. And to be doing it with Nicki, man, that’s my dog. That’s more than my dog. That’s, like, we have the most interesting relationship, ’cause it’s so multilayered. That’s my co-worker, my peer, my family. But, at the [...]

Drake “Does Not Fuck With Motown At All”

Check out what Drake had to say in a recent sit down with XXL:

Up-and-coming Toronto rapper Drake has spoken candidly about his upcoming debut, his association with Lil Wayne and newly signed record deal in the upcoming issue of Fader magazine.

During the interview Drizzy confirms that he received over a million dollars for his highly [...]

[VIDEO] Nicki Minaj Interview With XXL Magazine

Below we have a video of Nicki Minaj being interviewed by XXL Magazine. She discusses the situation with her trying to find a label, criticisms she’s received from Def Jam and much more stuff. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.
var VideoID = “video=″; var Width = 640; [...]